Handle Customization

All grades of Specter come standard with titanium handles.  In the future, additional finishes like DLC (Diamond Like Coating), laser engraving, and milled patterns will be made available on all grades.  Timascus and zirconium are available with Prestige grade Specters, along with a wide variety of custom inlays. 

The Satin Pinstripe handles will require the most long term maintenance to keep them looking like new.  The satin section of the handle will show scratches and wear over time, and they will be even more pronounced if the section has been anodized.  All other patterns will require the least amount of maintenance, and this is true even if they are fully anodized.  All handle patterns and finishes can be maintained in a couple of ways:

  • Schedule a Full Knife Spa Treatment.
  • A few of the finishes can be easily maintained with the right tools and a little patience.  Interested in working the scratches out on your own?  Feel free to contact us first and we will walk you through the process based on the handle finish and depth of the scratch.



Satin Pinstripes





Regardless of which finish option selected, each handle is tumbled in fine media to remove any sharp edges left from the milling process. Titanium can be anodized a wide variety of colors: blue, bronze, gold, green, pink, purple.  There are many hues available in each color, and some even have an iridescent quality.   The anodization is not a permanent finish and in general, Fully Anodized is the least durable finish.  Anodized Lows is a nice compromise in which the finish is uniformly worn off the high points of the handle. 

In the Nude

Fully Anodized

Anodized Lows