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Customization Options

Your Specter arrives at the door and every aspect is perfectly customized according to your request.  A few weeks later - after using the blade to dig in the back yard (blasphemy, we know) - you start to notice scratches in the mirror finish blade and handle anodization.  You grab some sand paper and start trying to work out the scratches, but it only makes things worse.  At this point, disappointment is setting in and it looks like the knife will need to be professionally refinished.  While we are more than happy to schedule a Spa Treatment for your Specter, we want to help avoid that disappointment from the beginning.  To this end, each customization section highlights the options that require the most and least long term maintenance.  In general, there are a few key pieces of information to keep in mind when customizing your Specter:

  • Titanium is a metal, and like all other metals it will scratch and show wear over time.
  • Anodization is a chemical process in which a colored oxidation layer forms on the titanium.  Like all other forms of oxidation, the titanium anodization can be scratched and worn off over time.  Think of the anodization as a layer of paint, rather than an indestructible truck bed liner, and you will not be disappointed. 

There are 1,000,000's of unique combinations for the Specter, and each is documented here.  If you are looking for something specific that is not listed here, contact us and we will work to make that option available.