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Any anodized, titanium component with a smooth finish will show all minor scratches and rub marks.  Pocket clips are an especially high wear component.  When carried in your pocket the clip is at the perfect height and position to rub against counters, desks, door frames, etc.  A Stone Washed clip requires the least amount of maintenance, but all finishes can be maintained in a couple of ways:

  • Schedule a Clip Spa Treatment.
  • A few of the finishes can be easily maintained with the right tools and a little patience.  Interested in working the scratches out on your own?  Feel free to contact us first and we will walk you through the process based on the clip finish and depth of the scratch.

Titanium clips are standard on all Refined grade Specters.  Damasteel, Timascus, and Zirconium are available with Prestige grade Specters.  In the future, additional finishes like DLC (Diamond Like Coating), laser engraving, and milled patterns will be made available on all grades.  

Stone Washed Finishes

Stone Washed finishes have a darker appearance than Satin.  The finish is random across the entire clip.  The base tends to be dark with the scratches appearing reflective.  When anodized after Stone Washing, the colors tend to appear a bit murkier than with the Satin finish.  When anodized before Stone Washing, the remaining color is very faint and a good choice for the less brave souls who are not quite ready for full on anodization.


In the Nude




Satin Finishes

Satin finishes have a brighter, matte appearance than Stone Washed.  The finish is very consistent across the entire clip.  When anodized the colors appear very thick, for lack of a better word.

In the Nude