Blade Customization

As with all components, the finishes that hide wear patterns the best are Stone Washed and Black Washed. The Near Mirror finished blades will readily show scratches.  These scratches can be kept to a minimum with careful use, but it is unlikely they will be completely avoided.  Other finishes will show some scratches, but it will be less evident than on a Near Mirror finish.  There are a couple of options for having the scratches removed:

  • Schedule a Blade Spa Treatment and ship the knife back to us.  
  • A few of the finishes can be easily maintained with the right tools and a little patience.  Interested in working the scratches out on you own?  Feel free to contact us first and we will walk you through the process based on the blade finish and depth of the scratch.

The standard blade material on the Specter is the Bohler M390 Super Steel.  A variety of Damasteel patterns are available for Prestige grade Specters.  In the future, additional finishes like DLC (Diamond Like Coating) and laser engraving will be made available.

WARNING: Each blade is meticulously sharpened right before it is shipped out.  A customer once told us that you cannot truly own your knife until it has drawn a little of your own blood.  We took that to heart, and the Specter blades will arrive irresponsibly sharp.



Near Mirror

Black Washed

Finish displays random scratching patterns that tend to hide the small scratches from everyday use.  This finish requires very little long term maintance.  A silicone cloth can be use to keep the lustre of the original finish, and remove finger prints.

Stone Washed



Black Washed

Black Washed Damasteel:  Tends to be more of a satin finish with less defined edges in the pattern.

White Washed

White Washed Damasteel:  Tends to be more reflective with sharper edges seen in the pattern.