Anodization Colors

Anodization is a chemical process in which a colored oxidation layer forms on the titanium.  Like all other forms of oxidation, the titanium anodization can be scratched and worn off over time.  Think of the anodization as a layer of paint, rather than an indestructible truck bed liner, and you will not be disappointed. 

Achieving an exact and repeatable anodization color can be challenging, as there are many factors involved in the process.  It is also important to note that the voltages associated with our colors may not be exactly the same with other makers, but the voltages are most likely similar.  With all of this in mind, here is the process we believe gets you the :

  1. When an order is placed simply choose the desired anodization finish (ie: In the Nude, Dual Anodization, Fully Anodized, etc.).
  2. Before an order is started, we will confirm the final details being requested.  During these conversations we will work together to determine the voltage that meets your desired outcome.  For example, the end result of this conversation might be a note on your order similar to this: "Looking at 74V, with a preference towards more purple."
  3. While completing an order, we will review the order notes and adjust the voltage within +/- 1 volt to achieve the desired result.  This ability to slightly adjust the voltage allows us to handle variations in the posted images, anodization setup, and your requests.

While the sample colors below do not capture all possible options and combinations, they are a good starting point to reference in our conversations.  


Dual Anodization

These are only a few of the dual anodization options available.  There is only one restriction for dual anodization.  The lows (base color) has to be a higher voltage than the highs.   

Fully Anodized