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We are a small, family run company in Robins, Iowa.  

Our passion is creating classic pocket knives that you will not want to leave home without.  Our focus is on minimizing the time between order and delivery, because you should not have to see four seasons go by before what you paid for is delivered.

What you will find in one of our folders are the traits that we believe make up the ideal flipper:

  • Fast, smooth, and very precise flipping action.  
  • Overall elegant appearance, with the durability of an Abrams tank.
  • Regardless of size, it all but disappears in your pocket and is sufficiently concealable to wear in an office environment.

About The Maker

When I was 5 years old, my Dad gave me a rusty, old Barlow pocket knife and I was hooked!  At first, my focus was learning to sharpen and care for it properly.  After that, my interests were all about how to make knives.  My first masterpiece was a mild steel, double edged dagger,  colored back with a sharpie and sporting an electrical tape handle.  It was very tactical and would have made a great Rambo knife.  If you ever see it on the secondary market, grab it up.  It has to be worth big bucks by now! 

Over the last 40 years, my skills, materials, and tools have all been upgraded.  My overall style leans towards tactical, but more in the form of a gentleman's knife.