About The Maker

 Joe Holt - Owner

Joe Holt - Owner

My first attempt at making a knife was when I was five.  When my mom found me sanding on my knife in the garage, she was less than impressed and most likely concerned about my future.  The next summer, when I disassembled the lawn mower for go-cart parts, my dad decided it was time to re-focus my enthusiasm.  He was a career machinist with a lot of mechanical ability, and the single driving force behind my work today.  


Up until October 2016, I had been exclusively making fixed blades. The majority were hunting knives, heavily inspired by the great Bob Loveless.  I have always believed that his work was the pinnacle of form and function.  His knives have the most comfortable handles that I have ever felt.  Given the machinery of the time, his work was truly brilliant.  I have tried to carry over the best elements of his designs into all of my knives.

In 2016, I went to the Blade Knife Show in Atlanta, Georgia and was taken with all of the folder designs that were displayed.  There was a wide variety of size, overall feel, and visual design.  Some of the flippers there were absolutely incredible and I found myself enthralled with the inner workings of what set the different knives apart.  Over the next few months, I continually thought about about what traits made up the ideal flipper.  The traits that always landed on top of the list were: flipping action, durability, and clean lines.  

I spent so much time thinking about flippers that I decided to convert my old Sieg Super X3 mill into a CNC machine, and start putting my thoughts into actions.  Building the CNC control box and converting over to ball screws wasn’t all that difficult, but as it turned out the little mill was simply not stiff enough to mill titanium well.  However, I was able to create a respectable prototype from the little mill which justified the investment of a more capable machine.  I contacted Tormach and ordered the PCNC1100.  Aside from figuring out how to get a 1200 pound machine into my non-walkout basement, it has been fairly straight forward ever since.

Overall, my style leans towards tactical, but in the form of a gent’s knife.  My goal is to continue producing folders that have the traits I believe make up the ideal flipper:

  • Fast, smooth, and very precise flipping action.  
  • Overall elegant appearance, with the durability of an Abrams tank.
  • Regardless of size, it all but disappears in your pocket and is sufficiently concealable to wear in an office environment.